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“MPAA says they made a mistake in college piracy estimates”
Typical. Blow out the stats to make it seem like college internet connections are to blame. Blame anyone. See, it is easier that way. You can draw stats for anything. You can make up stats on the spot without really having any substancial evidence. News articles do it all the time like they are facts. I am not saying be skeptical but just don’t believe everything you read which is what most people do at face value. We could be much more melodramatic about the whole thing. Make piracy seem more like the international epidemic.
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“Majority of Internet bandwidth consumed by P2P services”
Duh. If you took away all p2p traffic and porn, there would be very little else left on the internet that is of worth doing. Except maybe visiting this site.
I had this theoretical plan where you have a server farm which contained Petabytes of data. If someone wants to access certain data, they log in to the server farm look for the files as the server farm would have all the data layed out in a logical manner. If the server farm was missing, you could request it and it would be there the next day. The data wouldn’t be downloaded but rather work kind of like the way Citrix works [ref]. Everything would be streamed at the highest quality possible. It creates a virtual desktop or virtual application from this server farm that you can access and watch whatever you like instead of having to download it. This way, you are also able to control what people have access to. Kinda like AOL except not shit. The only problem with this is for it to work effectively, internet connections in Australia have to be better than what they are now.
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“P2P video piracy rampant in South Korea”
This blog is a prime example of how a title can be so deceiving. Yes, the piracy is out of control in South Korea (’cause let’s face it - what else is there to do? go outside? Not in this lifetime.) But at the same time, I think they are on the right path. Pay a subscription fee to a website or the ISP to go like the clappers and download copious amounts of TV shows and movies. And then that fee pays forward to the companies that make the movies and TV shows. Great idea! It is still not as good as the idea of everyone ripping shows and going for it (for several reasons) but if you have sites or a subsciption, it would be the equivalent to or iTunes - a place where downloading copywrited material is legal and above board.