I thought I would share with those this application I found awhile ago:
It is pretty much a private P2P network which is somewhat cool. There would be no way that a fed or the RIAA could find your network because on you and your friends would know about it and have access to it.
What you could do is if one of your friends or several of your friends or all of your friends…well, ok let’s assume you have friends who have good internet connections. This would work brilliantly because you can share your files over the net inside a private network. Let’s say you know a whole bunch of guys who live in the US with their 15mbit download and 3mbit upload or something crazy along those lines. You could have anyone in the world be on your network and let’s say 3 of them have the exact same file, they could increase the download speed for you as they all upload. It works in the same way an invite-only website that uses Bittorrent does now except it would work better as BT spends a lot of bandwidth trying to connect to as many people as possible to get the best possible speed through a tracker (which can be a slow process) whereas this would connect to anyone in your network who has the file and download it direct since you are hosting the network instead of having to go through a tracker which is what BT would do.

But I had a thought - what happens if you have your own private network and you know someone else who has a bunch of friends with a private network and you wanted to add your network with their network?

Well, Retroshare doesn’t do that. But wouldn’t that a filth option to have? You could have network rings and share files without any compromise (unless you have dodgy friends).