There are plenty of oxygen thief’s in the world.
But there is one that deserves special mention - Jason Mraz.

He only sings about how great he is or sex mostly in his music. If I wanted to hear the most inane subjects to sing about, I’ll go and find another “artist” who does it a million times better like (sadly) Robbie Williams. But really, comparing the two is like comparing which shit smells worse. At the end of the day, it is still shit.
His music comes free with a penis. If you’re lucky enough, it might even be his own.

I’ve heard stories about people who rock up to his gigs and see him. Yeah, confused the hell out of me. I figure if this clown can get in with the trendy crowd (and let’s face it, if you were to follow anything trendy…well, I’m not sure whether to insult your intelligence or your individualism because at some point, they must go hand in hand). But what is even more strange is they go to hear Jason’s (or J-M Dizzle as he is known to some) hits. This confused me even more. Hold the fuck up. Jason Mraz has hits? You mean to tell me more than a handful of people listen to this tripe and think it is good? Sweet Jesus.

Anyway, they go to hear the hits. This next part is one of the most fucked things ever heard in music but if you’re anything like me, it is going to blow your fucking mind. When Jason Mraz jams on his songs (or hits, I am not sure by this point), the crowd don’t want to hear it. Not the hits, they wanna hear the hits but they don’t want to hear the extended jam section. The kids look at their watch as if, “Ugh, c’mon J-Dizzle…hurry the fuck up and play the next song.”

Unless Jason Mraz is too retarded to jam a song out or just does not have the chops to do so (which I guess is very possible), when I went and saw a band and the jammed out a song (unless it poorly meandered), it generally made not only the song better but made the whole gig so great. It was something you paid money to see something you couldn’t get on CD. Something that was special and unique to that gig. The kids just wanna hear what they get on their iPod’s and fuck right off.

What is even more amazing, is this is not a new thing. During an interview (with a vampire), Radiohead used to have a select group of kids follow them around and waited until the band played, “Creep” and then fucked off somewhere else after the song was played. That’s all they wanted to hear and that just blows my mind. How could you be so closed off about music that you can like one or two songs from a band and not like anything else? I mean there are exceptions - especially when the band did only one song like that. But, c’mon - this is Radiohead. They are one of the biggest bands out of the UK, ever. They have easily written some of the best music in the last 15 years.

It makes me sad to see that the kids today not only care for anything further than the hits but there is so much musical history and heritage which is not known unless you’re older than 30. I don’t have all the answers or know it all but when Madonna does the most rancid cover of, “American Pie” thinking that she has got what it takes to pull it off (she didn’t but made a pretty penny in doing so anyway), at least I know it’s a cover.

What the kids don’t know, won’t hurt them.