Fuckin useless AND retarded. Calling something retarded is generally not that offensive until you compare twitter to it. Because it then makes the person who you’re telling the comparison to make an assumption that twitter is more than it is. Retarded is being generous in describing the moronic, sheep-like behavior people seem to follow. I don’t mind like-minded people sharing ideas and concepts that are thought-provoking.
The amount of useless, brain-dead shit that gets posted is far beyond comprehensible. I watch people, literally thousands of people, say a whole of not much. On the front page when you sign in it says, “Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?”
Ok, a few things: I like people. I am in a job where I talk to and help people out all day every day. The last thing I need even if I had a job where I sat in a cubicle by myself and spoke to no one like Milton or George from Seinfeld in that episode of Friends would be to talk to mindless idiots. I am not that starved for attention that I need to communicate with people who either have cardboard personalities, lack wit and humor or have very little to say. Strangely enough, that seems to be a lot of people:

“im a brane ded moron who writes like this”
“ya mom”

Except, ya know…not that intelligent and well thought out.

I heard the most retarded story where someone was at a gig (the band is not really important - no really, the band was shit) and they spent the whole time on that redundant website saying how they were at the gig and how it was awesome. I think to myself I must have missed the generation where doing stupid things or getting caught up in hype or popular websites was common place. I don’t even have a myspace. I don’t want to have people see my profile and see I am connected to 100s of people who added me but never say a word to me. I don’t want to be just another number in their list.

This twitter shit makes the news more times than I care. Not that I care for news in the world. They say that by watching the news you become more in tune with the world and have more to talk about. It is somewhat true but my belief is the news is 95% depressing bullshit and 5% of some worth. Every now and again you hear something either bizarre or a genuinely interesting story. Like the time an Italian man went away on holidays and called for a call girl for a good time and the girl who rocked up was his daughter. True story. Since you’ve paid for it, you might as well make use of the situation and go with it. I mean, I wouldn’t but if my daughter ended up being a call girl that says to me that I failed as a father. As Chris Rock says, “My job as a father is to keep my daughter off the poles.”
You want to pick and choose what gets fed to you over the waves. There are news pieces which are so massive in how it effects everyone or a certain group of people that it becomes general knowledge. Yes, it is depressing if you didn’t know it, you would come across as clown who should pull their pants down.

We get bogged down in useless shit like this which diverts the attention of the mainstream away from all the truly evil shit going on in the background while the rich get richer and the poorer stay that way. That with the money controls the world. There is a lyric by John Mayall who wrote a song called, “Crawling up a Hill” which I rings true to me: “Minute after minute/second after second/hour after hour goes by/working for a rich man/staying just a poor man/never stopped to wonder why.”

Facebook is just as useless. If you want to know what I like, ask me.
Go on, just ask me.