I wouldn’t say cops 2 Inches. This is really more like a homeage to one of the greatest actors of our time. My site is not always about over-blown actors with ego’s bigger than small cities that need to be brought down a peg or about obscure shit being brought forward into the light under investigation.

No, I am a much bigger person than that. Isn’t that right, Busey?
Where this all came from was a few months ago, I was watching TV with Boggs. We flipped it over to World Poker Tour when we saw a few familiar faces. Daniel Baldwin (whilst being fresh out of rehab still looked a little “off-the-hook”), the sexy Jen Tilley and Gary Busey - amazing. When watching him play poker, you automatically knew this cracker would be one of the first to get out not because of his style of playing but I have seen a number of Gary Busey b-movies before. Each as good as the next. I think it is hardly fair to call them b-movies but I always assumed ‘b’ was for Busey. And his unique over-acting style can not be matched. And that same style was bought to the poker table. This explains why he lost at poker.

SO, anyway…yeah…Gary Busey. Here they are in all their glory (hole):

This movie is technically inept, absolutely. On this basis alone, it is why it received its 28% score on rottentomatoes. But what makes this movie barely passable is Mr Busey is in it. Switch your brain off and just stare at the screen like a cow looks at an oncoming truck and be prepared to lower a couple of IQ points and and at the same time be blown away by Gary Busey’s over-acted performance.

Has Steven Seagal in it. I really haven’t been able to move past that fact to bring myself to watch it.

Saw this along time ago. I can not remember Mr. Busey being in it.

Never seen it.

Never seen it.

This movie is on order, I swear on it.

Never seen this, either. Maybe one day I will.

So there you have it. Gary Busey’s 37 year movie career in a nutshell.
The legend lives on.