I could sit here and bitch to you about how the world has changed and that bands like this aren’t even given a chance or break. But, I’m not going to - I am going to take the high road.

Labels like FBR at one stage had excellent ska/punk bands. In fact, at a point it seemed that FBR could not go wrong - every ska/punk band they had at time (which is what the label consisted mostly of) was nothing short of excellent and outstanding in that genre. AsianMan Records too. Yeah ok, they weren’t well-known but I subscribe to the notion that just because it is not popular, does not make it shit. In fact, just because a band or artist is popular does not make it good. Case and point: Crazy frog. Do you remember that shit? You can find his CD of incredibly annoying “anthems” of a mindless and braindead society in a bargain bin for no more than $2 just about anywhere alongside East 17, Hanson and New Kids on the Block (who released a new album recently - as a joke, I assume).

It is really sad to see that there will never ever be another band like Led Zepplin or Rolling Stones because pop artists are a dime a dozen and completely dispensible. An artist comes in, has their 15 minutes of fame and then disappears never to be heard of again except to be mocked in the TV show Nevermind the Buzzcocks.

The thing about mainstream too is once the song is over and no one cares anymore, that is it. No one ever re-lives the song. No one goes back. Maybe as a joke but pop is about the here and now. There is the majority who are casual listeners and don’t really care what a song is as long as it sounds catchy or good (and even then that is whole other debate) and brainlessly buy mainstream artists and bands and never thinking anything of it. And then the labels have the nerve to tell you that piracy is a bad thing. The artists don’t suffer - they’re a mainstream artist who makes a shitload more than you do. Do you think an artist would be in the industry if they didn’t make much/any money from it? The only people who “suffer” are the label themselves who clearly make a shitload of money. They’re just greedy capitalist pigs. I know it is a cliche saying but none is ever more true than it applies here.

I am all about supporting local bands and indie bands and bands who really do rely on your support to keep them alive. If I owned a label, I would be supporting all the local bands and getting them on my label to demonstrate the kind of talent that is out there which is not being put on display by mainstream.

Oh, and this band rocks. I love them. See that? That is some technical critiquing right there. When Audiogalaxy was the main source of downloading mp3s (during its short life span), I was going to uni and I fuckin loved ska/punk (still do) and track 7 off this album was on a compilation which I bought for next to nothing at my local indie shop. And it was so awesome, I wanted more. Audiogalaxy could only find me 2-3 tracks with ya know, 1 user who was barely on so when it finially downloaded it was exciting times. I then got fed up with this shit and bought the album.

Oh wait. Did I say I would NOT whinge and bitch about the way of the music industry? I mean the opposite of that. Whatever that is.