Now that we have lengthy introductions out of the way, a month and half ago I bought an AMD CPU and motherboard. I have no one to else to blame except myself and those nut lickers, AMD. I blame myself for not doing enough research to find that Asus only support certain AMD CPUs with a particular wattage. This is the most retarded thing I have ever come across. So when I bought myself Asus M3N78-EMH HDMI with an AMD Dual Core 6000+ CPU.

I spent well over a month trying to troubleshoot why the performance was worse than a 486 (because it wouldn’t run original Doom in both XP’s native environment as well as a DOS emulator). And it wasn’t just that game. It was everything. Copying files from one hard drive to another is simply a nightmare because if I do that task, that is ALL I can do. I can’t even listen to an mp3 at the same time. This was because the CPU was requesting more power than the motherboard could give. I believe one of the people who experienced the same problem called it “Hard Drive Hiccups”.

Fuckin genius.

It’s outside of the month return policy and the company I bought it from act like every other company when they no longer have responsibility - they act like the hardware I wanna return came back with a mixture of both fecal matter and VD rubbed in every crevice of the hardware. Now I am stuck with a CPU and motherboard that doesn’t work together. The company I bought it from didn’t even pull me up on it when I first purchased.

If only I had gone to Intel.