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Wow, I don’t even know where to start with this one.
The fact that is sucks LESS means it still sucks. And this video? Helps nothing. The only reason the kid in the video says it sucks less was some shit about adding new Karaoke standards and HTML6 implementation which is bullshit or fucking useless.

How about you make a browser that doesn’t suck at all? Adding extensions and customisable interface are probably a good start. IE has already implemented good features other browsers initially created.

The kid makes the point that IE is simply used to download better browsers. And this video does nothing except really support that movement. If this was made by Microsoft - HUGE FUCKING FAIL. Progress is not something you want to advertise unless it is indeed something major. Or something we weren’t already thinking. The only reason why IE is used is for the computer laymen and you don’t need to convince him/her.

Why would you promote your shitty browser? It’s not like the better browsers cost money, either. The only thing better about IE 10 from what I can see is it is now no longer a laggy piece of shit software. I still wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot clown pole.

Not to mention this is IE10. This is the 10th fucking attempt at this and you’re only advertising progress? I feel like I am being trolled here. This shit is not real - surely. Someone made this video as a way to fuel the flames of discontent. How many versions of this fucking shitty browser are you going to make before it simply catches up to the rest of the crowd? All those memes of how this browser is shit still stands with IE10.

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G+ / Facebook

I posted this on G+ earlier but since only 2 people would get to see this, I am just gunna re-post it here.

I am on G+. Why? I had this discussion with DMac today. I said I didn’t like Facebook. His argument was all like, “You only hate Facebook because it’s Facebook. If they re-branded it and gave it to you, you would eat it up.” I gave it some serious thought. He has a point in a way because I’ve never owned an account so I wouldn’t know what it is like, right? But at the same time, I must have seen what it was like at some point in time to form an opinion in the first place.
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VBlog // Fuck You and Your Massive Ego

This guy is a prime example of what not to do in a vblog. I fucking hate the word blog to begin with but this rambles on like 3 points for 6.5 minutes.
Here is what you need to know:
1. Separate your tablet and PC experiences and not try to make them exactly the same.
2. Bring back some lame RSS app no one uses apart from this guy (use Google reader)
3. Cut down the amount of versions Windows has. This really goes without saying.
4. He hasn’t used it enough to really warrant further opinion. He states this like twice. Maybe even 3 times - I don’t really pay that much attention. Make shutting down easier. He doesn’t even think of this one himself. Being able to customize Start menu background.
5. How big is your fucking ego that this is a cut down version of an entire live recording? How about you do some notes and prepare a lot better instead of inane fucking rambling. Amount of time it’s taken you to read this: 1 minute. Length of video: 6.5 minutes.

There. I saved you some time. Thank me later.
And fuck this guy.

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Editing Your Test Tube Baby

Youtube has a section which is called Test Tube that has some of the more experimental aspects of the website.
Out of the features you can dick around with, the video editor is actually a really good feature and to be honest, it was only a matter of time before they would add such a feature to a video site. I can’t believe video websites prior to youtube didn’t think of this before now. I guess it is just easier to host to video and have people use their own software than to try and do it online. But now that there is a lot of focus on cloud computing that doing all your tasks on the net just makes sense.

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The Internet Is Fucked

Google is apparently going to mess up the Internet.
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Fuck, where would I be without eBay? For starters, without my 15 year old console which has entered my life like a second wife in my marriage. The wife was not impressed when I suggested a three way.
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Emptying My Load

OK, I have a few more links I just want to get out of the way as it is taking up precious inbox space.
I found a Meme Generator.
There is also another hack for the Xbox which means now you can hack your Xbox and there is no way that Microsoft can stop it.
Open Media Vault - New Free NAS Software

How to Build a Bittorrent Box
A Thin Client called AnywhereTS
A Thin Client called Thin Station
How to Setup a Transparen Proxy with Squid
How to Put that Old Computer to Good Use
10 of the Biggest Lies in History
5 Weird Inventions that made Millions
10 Cool Things you Didn’t know about Stephen Hawking

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Fundamentals of Networking

Don’t expect a laugh. It’s not funny.

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