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Review: St. Anger by Metallica

I am all for thrash. I loved, “Kill em All”.
A lot of people take it way out of context that I hate Metallica - which is wrong.
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Tame Impala

This is their latest single and they’ve been around for a few years and this single has been around for awhile but if you have never heard it before, I’ve at least made one more person wary of it. And if you even like it, that is even better.

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Nofx At Area4

It was made clear sometime ago the fucked stunt Fat Mike pulled on its audience when he was playing as Cokie the saddest Clown and offered what was supposed to be shots of tequila the sad state of affairs Nofx are heading towards. They showed a video of how these shots of tequila were actually made - with Mike’s own piss. Not only were people fucking terrified, but he sang perhaps the most personal and emotionally raw set of his life when he talked about the passing of his parents (among other issues) with mixed results from the audience.
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If I was Single and You Were Into Anal, You’d be mine Rebecca Black.

Rebecca Black has chosen to become Home schooled.

Black’s mother endorsed the homeschooling due to the taunting and because her daughter needs to focus on her career.

This shouldn’t be funny. But it totally is.
She is getting so much shit from her failed attempt at becoming a mainstream artist, she has decided that I’m not socially retarded enough - I’m going to start home schooling instead. People would be knocking on her door asking her Mum, “Can Rebecca come out and play? We want her to tell us what day it is and sing a song with us.”
I am just wishing Tosh doesn’t jump in and get her on his show because man, that shit would be hilarious.

Over 100 million hits is a lot. If only my site got that sort of exposure.

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Most Interesting Band Names

I got this list of Interesting Band Names.
Oddly, there are names in that list that I know. Some I don’t but here are my favourite band names from this list:
* Begging for Incest
* Kiss the Anus of a Black Cat
* Anally Fucked With A Cheese Grater
* Satan’s Almighty Penis

I am seeing a pattern.
I like names of bands that either have dicks or arseholes in them.

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The Smiths / Hungerford Massacre

Say what you will but this both intrigues and scares the shit out of me.
I find it interesting reading about tragic situations where someone snaps and does something fucked up and goes out of control and kills a bunch of people. I was watching this video clip of the Smiths and it turns out they couldn’t release this as a single in UK:

The song was originally supposed to be released as a single and a music video was filmed, featuring scenes of the group-iconic Salford Lads Club and surrounding areas being bicycled through by the lads and friends. Because of a reference to “plan a mass murder” in one lyric it was banned from airplay by the BBC because of the then recent Hungerford massacre, so the band decided not to release it in the UK, however it was released in various other regions including North America, Europe, Australasia and Japan.

Before now, I didn’t know much about the Hungerford massacre:

The Hungerford massacre occurred in Hungerford, Berkshire, England, on 19 August 1987. The gunman, 27-year-old Michael Robert Ryan, armed with two semi-automatic rifles and a handgun, shot and killed sixteen people including his mother, and wounded fifteen others, then fatally shot himself[…]It remains, along with the 1996 Dunblane massacre and the 2010 Cumbria shootings, one of the worst criminal atrocities involving firearms in British history.

What it doesn’t say on the Wiki page is what caused him to go off the deep end. Why did he have a near-obsessive fascination with firearms? That is the part that interests me. Why would anyone really want to do this? And since I had some time, I thought I would look into what the Dunblane Massacre was as well:

The Dunblane massacre was a multiple murder-suicide which occurred at Dunblane Primary School in the Scottish town of Dunblane on 13 March 1996. Sixteen children and one adult were killed by Thomas Hamilton before he committed suicide.

Only, this time, it seems that the perp was a self-hating pedo who took his frustrations out on the world.

The Cumbria shootings were a killing spree that occurred on 2 June 2010 when a lone gunman, Derrick Bird, killed 12 people and injured 11 others before killing himself in the county of Cumbria, United Kingdom. The series of attacks began in mid-morning in Lamplugh and moved to Frizington, Whitehaven, Egremont, Gosforth and Seascale, sparking a major manhunt by Cumbria Constabulary. Bird, a 52-year-old local taxi driver, was later found dead in a wooded area, having abandoned his vehicle in the village of Boot. Two weapons that appeared to have been used were recovered. There were 30 different crime scenes investigated. Police confirmed it was the worst incident of mass shooting in Britain since the Dunblane massacre of 1996.

This seems to be more over tax evasion and inheritance than anything else so since he was going to the dogs, he might as well make a day of it before ending it all.
Remind me never to go the UK. Although if these are anything to go by, the next one will be in 2030.

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The Doors

Not many people know this but The Doors’ hit, “Love me Two Times” was originally called, “Love me one and a half times and finish me off with a tugjob“. They then changed it to, “Love me two and a half times before I give up and you can take care of your own needs bitch ’cause I have to sleep“. It was considered far too misogynistic and the title was too long. They re-wrote the lyrics and negotiated it down to “Love me Two Times and if you’re still not satisfied by this stage, you have something seriously wrong with you“. Still feeling it was still a little too long, they all agreed on, “Love me Two Times“, re-wrote in a tonne of sexual ambiguity and left the rest up to us - the listener.

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This is the funniest thing I have seen in Ages.

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