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Who the Fuck Is Demi Lovato?

I hate current mainstream music. It takes the focus on real problems away from the public by keeping them entertained with your bullshit shitty music.
“But Oho! It’s catchy!” So is the plague. Get a fucking clue. Maybe I don’t like catchy. Ever thought of that? Maybe I want the most obscure and hardest thing to listen to? You don’t know me.

I also hate reality TV. Want reality? Go outside. You’re welcome. And then they fuse the two, it turns into this beautiful thing that sends me into a flying rage. They did the whole American/Australian Idol thing. They got their stars who made some money out of it and I am sure there are plenty of other people who took a cut from the proceedings and popularity.
Now the X Factor is back in vogue. Which for an Australian audience is confusing. It might be for Americans too (I dunno) but we had this program years ago and it died a quick and painless death because NO ONE WATCHED IT AND GAVE 0 FUCKS ABOUT IT. How did they revive it? Got in some celebs to do the judges and I use that word so very loosely. If this word was a vagina, you could park my GMC Vandura in there. And it was promoted the fuck out of it. I guess they poured a fuck tonne of money into it on the gamble that it would pay off and now it is popular again.

This video is great. This contestant fucking hits it as he shits on Demi Lovato.
“Who is Demi Lovato?” I hear you ask. I don’t know either. If I gave any more than 0 fucks, I would look her up on Wikipedia or something. She has to be a someone surely.

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Several Directions. Maybe Too Many Directions.

While I have made mention about One Direction already and that talking about them again seems like subconsciously I am somehow trying to promote their shitty music but they are all easy comedy cannon fodder. It doesn’t take two brain cells to figure out that these kids have no idea on what is going on and singing about a girl seems suspiciously like overcompensation for their own sexuality. By which I mean they’re gay. So very gay.

When I listen to music, it generally invokes an emotion and any good song will invoke an emotion or a memory (which is also linked to an emotion) which you find positive, generally. Even if that is anger or a negative emotion, it is one that is either relateable or situational to something that you feel is a good thing.
I only had to watch this once to get a solid laugh out of it. Mission accomplished. Would I watch this again? Who the fuck am I? A 12 year girl? Hardly. It almost seems like 12 year old girls are so emotional and hormone driven that it effects their taste in music to an embarrassing degree. I get they’re impressionable but there has to be a point where you become constructive and starting thinking critically about everything you do. Is this really the best music for me? I still listen to all the music I listened to growing up.

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Somebodys Image

Back in the 60s, there was this artist who was huge in Australia. His name was Russell Morris.
He did one of the most iconic psychedelic rock songs of all time, “The Real Thing”:

He also had the hit, “Hush”:

Before this song, he was in a band called Somebodys Image. I know very little about this band except some cracker on the net posted a mix which contains three of their songs. A lot of websites post the same rapidshare link when I tried to find the song in a panic his morning. Long story short I found it on an mp3 CD I have in the car from last year so I decided to re-upload it for your convenience:
Somebody’s Image - Hush / Hide and Seek / Heatwave (Tom Medley Mix). These three songs are absolutely nothing short of excellent and are in constant rotation on my mp3 player. The actual medley is done really well too and sound like one long song broken into three parts but each segue is flawlessly flows into the next song.

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Wow, so there IS not God.

Miley will one day go from jail bait forbidden fruits fap material on the right angles to a sad has-been in the course of a year.

Please make it stop.

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Greatest Rock Songs Of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s

I downloaded this blindly as I thought even if someone’s idea of the Greatest Rock Songs of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, every now and again you find an old pop song that is something new (to me).
I thought of all the radio staples and had a pretty good idea of what I was to encounter if this compilation was to give me what I (or anyone who had any expectations) was expecting. First track off the top of my head had to have something to do with Led Zepplin, right? No.
OK then, how about, “Sunshine of Your love” by Cream? No.
What about, “Alive” by Pearl Jam? Nope.
Anything at all by the Rolling Stones? Neil Young? Bob Dylan? Oh yes, there is a Bob Dylan track. It’s not his best work but OK - I’ll pay that.

There are plenty of reputable artists like Springsteen, Rod Stewart Phil Collins, Bowie, Clapton, Meatloaf, etc. But after the first 4 tracks on the first CD I started to notice a pattern. And it came on heavy and thick too. Something you would only notice if you never really ever paid attention and put it on while there is a fucking funeral going on. That’s right - this is not the Greatest Rock Songs Of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s it’s the most fucking Depressing Rock Songs Of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.
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I Think I Have Found the Greatest Youtube Video, Ever.

And this one is also pretty awesome (NSFW):

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Metallica / Lou Reed

Have you heard the new Metallica song?
If they didn’t succeed in alienating their fans with, “St Anger”, I think they’ve really done it here. I like Metallica and I like Lou Reed but never did I ever think that the two would go together. Why doesn’t any of the bands I love a lot more than Metallica do something interesting so I can talk about them doing an album that will ultimately be miles ahead of this collaboration. It’s like Paul Simon doing an album with Nofx. Will that ever happen? No. Who thought it would be a good idea? No one.

I am trying to think of perhaps a worse collaboration than this embarrassment. Thelonious Monk and the Smiths, the Roots and Tears for Fears, Sinead O’Connor and Slayer, Keith Jarrett and Venom or the Pet Shop Boys and Fred Neil…the list could go on with better suitors than Lou Reed and Metallica. The follow video is one of the few I have seen on the Internet where it has more dislikes than likes by a huge fucking landslide.

This is more of an embarrassment than, “St Anger” and fuck, that is a hard task to master. When allmusic gave the album 3 stars, I thought to myself, “Someone at allmusic is either getting soft or a big fat cheque from Metallica to give this shitty album a higher score than it deserves”. And if this song is anything to go by, maybe when I thought it couldn’t get worse, 3 stars tells me that yes, it does get worse. FAR worse. I still think 3 stars is a little high - about 2 stars too high. I just hope for Metallica that this is all just a big joke and this one track will be Metallica getting the last laugh.

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Sean Bonniwell / Music Machine

There was a band in the 60s called, “The Music Machine”. Every song that lead singer Sean Bonniwell wrote was gold (for the most part). He even had a hit single called, “Talk Talk”:

Anyway, the band lasted one album and then dissolved into obscurity. I guess they couldn’t deal with his awesomeness. He was probably a massive arsehole to deal with.
Sean (whose first name is actually Thomas although I did read from conflicting websites that his first name is Harvey) decided that even though the band is broken up, he can still go on in the music industry. So, he did a limited print of a solo album he did called, “Close”. Here is a picture of the front cover:
It was limited to 5,000 and never released on CD so I am told. After this album, he was so dissatisfied with the album that he gave up on the music biz which makes me only want to hear it more. Here is the review of the album:
“Close” by T.S. Bonniwell.
And here is what I am willing to hand over if you can track down a copy of this album:
I don’t discriminate. If you are female and find me a copy of this LP (not the actual LP ’cause it doesn’t sound like something worthy of money, but an vinyl rip into mp3, maybe?), I will polish your flange in case the idea of having your pole polishing doesn’t apply to you.

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