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This Is the REAL Reason Behind Piracy

I love this story so hard, I downloaded it from imgur in case it ever was removed and added it to my own site.


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Hilarious Poop.

Someone speculated what sort of creature did this.
That is not a bird. That is a Teradactyl shit.
There is a griffon out there who just took care of business mid-flight.

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Single Mom’s

This is hilarious. It’s an ad but I like the way it gets to the point.

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Playboy Karaoke

I’m an avid Sega Saturn collector.
I found something do I want - this:

Don’t know anything about it but it does look essential and expensive:

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Alternative Realities

I had an interesting thought:
Would an alternative reality where there was no such thing as drugs of any kind existed BUT there was also no such a thing as monogamy or VD and in fact, orgies were encouraged and the women were easier than our own planet.

I know I know, some people say, “But hey, women are already easy in our current reality” but I don’t know what planet you are from sir because when I was single, it wasn’t as easy as Ryan Gosling will have you believe:

But let’s just say you said yes to giving up drugs for orgies. Take away video games. Still OK with that? And what do we have to take away from your life that you would turn down an orgy? Let’s just say you only get to be in 10 orgies and every time you’re in one, you get a mark on your body. And by the time you’re on your 10th, you can no longer get an erection or and get critically sick if you still participate. Still interested? Or maybe you’re only allowed 5. Still keen?

I guess where I am going with this is my next review may be a little on the late side since I am balancing like 5 reviews all at the same time.

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Deathwish? FUCK YEAH!

I’m not a big fan of coffee. I’m more of a bourbon drinker. You have something that perks you up in the morning and I have mine. I also enjoy any type of consumable that says, “Throw caution to the wind and try some of this…”. Maybe not Fugu Fish where I could die from one tiny bit if cut incorrectly, but something says, “Hey you. Yeah, you. Have some of this. I am going to fuck your shit and make you completely unproductive.
Make you high? Sure.
Make you shit so hard you will devastate the porcelain bowl beyond a fix? Yep.
Make you cry tears of blood? Why not?
Make your next pee burn so bad, you’ll think a testicle collapsed and you’re peeing it out in shards? Absolutely.
Lactate milk? Yes, sir.”

Well ladies and gentlemen…feast your eyes on this:

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I’m All For a Good Story

I was reading this story inbetween the frequent and almost vicious masturbating sessions I have while everyone is asleep about a man 61 year old man called Cliff who won Australia’s 875KM endurance race one year. I don’t have any controversial thoughts or biting commentary on this story. Just thought it would be a nice change from all the poop jokes videos about random shit I think you should all watch. Here, have a read of this.
You’re welcome.

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Mike Judge

I like Mike Judge. Well, I don’t know that for a fact but I do love what he creates - Office Space, Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill…that movie with that…that guy who is the brother of Owen Wilson. Uh…Luke Wilson? Yeah, the one without the fucked nose but no stage presence or memorable performances except maybe Old School? Wait. Was he in that? I think so. And that promising premise but ultimately abysmal failure My Super Ex-Girlfriend. He was in that too I think. Look at you Luke, you cocky prick. You’ve turned this homage to Mike Judge all about you now because your bland acting and unengaging EVERYTHING you do. I mean, Mike Judge has had a dud or two but a rare miss is far forgiveable than the mundane bullshit you throw at everyone like monkeys throw their poop.

Looking back on the last paragraph, I am still a little confused on how I went from amazing Mike Judge to poop. I’d bet my left nut it probably has something to do with that ever-dull Luke Wilson. It’s the only possibly proxy.

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