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Carters Retro Reviews - Jet Set Radio / Sega Dreamcast

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Carters Retro Reviews - Super Puzzle Fighter / Sega Saturn

So I walked out on stage, turned to my audience, tapped on the mic and announced, “Now, don’t get me wrong. Regardless on every word I express in some kind of cohesive sentence to portray this game as something unworthy of your time, it’s still anything but. What I am saying is if you have the opportunity, buy the HD remake on XBLA ’cause everyone is more likely to have an Xbox 360. And if you do have a Saturn, buy it. Ladies and Gentlemen, my latest review for Super Puzzle Fighter…”

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Carters Retro Reviews - World Heroes Perfect / Sega Saturn

Calling it “Perfect” is a bit of a stretch:

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Carters Retro Reviews - Battle Stations / Sega Saturn

As Carter walked out to his balcony and looked down at the crowd who were waiting with baited breath for the next installment, he announced loudly, “I HAVE NO FUCKING CLUE WHAT I’M DOING” as the headline of his new review:

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Carters Retro Reviews - Line of Fire / Sega Master System

New review:

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Carters Retro Reviews - Christmas NiGHTS / Sega Saturn

Merry Christmas, everyone:

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Carters Retro Reviews - Kiss Psycho Circus / Sega Dreamcast

New review:

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Carters Retro Reviews - Excite Truck / Nintendo Wii

Yeah - new review

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