I have an unnatural obsession for certain things. Certain things give me boners - tits, toasters, Swedish bisexual Tranny hookers…man, I don’t know WHAT it wants sometimes. But the one constant, and that is my love for video games.

So I have been collecting Sega Saturn games and I found this link about Sega Saturn Games We’d Like to see in HD and that list would be pretty fucking good EXCEPT Battle Monsters. That game was shit.
NeoGeo are going to be releasing Neo Geo X which is a Neo Geo handheld system. Being a big fan of Neo Geo, I would love to be able to carry around the games in my pocket and play them when I am not watching porn on my phone.
I also found 3 other devices which looked pretty cool:
The Caanoo which lets you play emulation and is a portable.
An Everdrive which allows you to put SNES ROMs onto an SD card and play it on your SNES. It’s a weird idea because you would have thought anyone who still owns a SNES probably would only want to play the original carts. I still don’t mind emulation but that is only because I couldn’t play it on the actual console.
And a Retrode 2 which allows you to connect up your Genesis/Mega Drive/SNES carts via USB to a PC or the Caanoo I spoke about earlier and play them with the original controllers.