I had an interesting thought:
Would an alternative reality where there was no such thing as drugs of any kind existed BUT there was also no such a thing as monogamy or VD and in fact, orgies were encouraged and the women were easier than our own planet.

I know I know, some people say, “But hey, women are already easy in our current reality” but I don’t know what planet you are from sir because when I was single, it wasn’t as easy as Ryan Gosling will have you believe:

But let’s just say you said yes to giving up drugs for orgies. Take away video games. Still OK with that? And what do we have to take away from your life that you would turn down an orgy? Let’s just say you only get to be in 10 orgies and every time you’re in one, you get a mark on your body. And by the time you’re on your 10th, you can no longer get an erection or and get critically sick if you still participate. Still interested? Or maybe you’re only allowed 5. Still keen?

I guess where I am going with this is my next review may be a little on the late side since I am balancing like 5 reviews all at the same time.