So there was this project on kickstarter that is actually worth a pinch of shit. And that is a console which is not bound by licences and all other sorts of political bullshit called OUYA. I’d hope it is an acronym for something because it is a fucking shit name for a console. I hope that is the first and last mistake this console makes.

Everything they spout here looks ideal - you can develop for it, you can root/hack it, it’s cheap…it is everything we’ve always wanted. Well, it’s everything I’ve always wanted. They’re looking for some 1st party games to help get this project off the ground. They were shooting for $950,000 and they ended up with $4.2mil so that should make this project even better.

How I see this going is one of two ways: the console is a HUGE hit and sells just as fucking mental as the raspberry pi did which in turn makes developers make games worth a pinch of shit and something beyond a Phone app which is kind of what it looks like. They will start to develop games worth playing instead of pooping out more generic-as-fuck FPS’ which I am really fucking sick of and perhaps developing really unique games worth my time and effort playing.

OR it’s sells quickly but software support is fucking depressingly poor that we find all of these developers all making the same kind of shit that is already on other consoles? Or making Angry birds, Plants Vs Zombies or Bejewelled clones? Because we all know casual games sell extremely well. The cheap price could reflect the cheap games and the cheap hardware this console will have?

Either way, this could potentially be a huge wake up call and FUCK YOU to other consoles to be more lax with some of their shitty attitudes and opinions. Why would anyone want to outlay $300 for a Microsoft console if a $99 gives you the same sort of games? The problem that I see though is Microsoft and Sony are such big companies that they can afford to buy the best developers and then hog all the resources for their “AAA-rated” games. But what’s a little competition? What is to say that Microsoft and Sony don’t offer the people who are making OUYA boatloads of money to shut the whole operation down? Granted it would be a short-sighted move but who cares? You all have boatloads of money! YEAH!