Well there ya have it - Zuckerberg has yellow fever. Looks less like a marriage and more of business arrangement. I suspect this is the case by lack of smile across her face. It’s less a smile and more of a smug look of not having to work another day in her life. It could be tradition that you can’t show your happy on the happiest day in your life like some sort of sadistic oppressive outdated ritual. It’s the exact same look Sandeep gave when the woman in his arranged marriage turned out to have a really nice personality.

And if this is the photo you’re gunna share with everyone about your special day, can’t be too special if you’re practically made of money and the background behind you isn’t nearly as picturesque as my own wedding which cost me a tiny fraction by comparison.

I can see why you went there, though. She was the first one to tell you how big your penis is. There are hotter chicks out there, Zuckerberg. And since you’re made of money, you would never be alone. You can pay whoever you want to hang out with you. Hell, I will come and hang out with you as long as it means you or anyone you employ or know can not murder me in cold blood. The best money you will ever spend.