Welcome to the new series: Clutching at Straws. I have a buttload of youtube videos and the amount of retardation is just excessive. It’s where people get together and either lie, cheat or, even sadly, believe this shit is real.

This video is what came up when I searched on a non-existant movie:

I get that the first movie was a classic and the second and third one was still watchable. So the 4th one is going to be awesome, right? A return to form. They are going to add a new dimension that hasn’t already been flogged to death, right? All we know is that it got the green light to make. They could do an hour long toilet shitting scene, plaster Jurassic Park 4 on the front and audiences would flock to go see it.

ALIEN CAUGHT ON TAPE!! HOLY SHIT!! And by alien, they mean Mexican, right? And people go, “FAKE” like it could be anything else. No, it’s real. ¬_¬

For fucking real?

At least this video is real. The stupidity lies with the people standing around in thongs. What do you Brazillians know something that we don’t? How do you know that this spider doesn’t leap at you and start biting you with life-ending venom?

This just got me angry. First of all, not the biggest spider. Secondly, it looks less like a spider and more like something a spider would eat like this.

I didn’t need confirmation about the sheer stupidity of the human race. We had the crazy frog back a few years ago and we don’t need a repeat. This video currently has 53 MILLION VIEWS. I wish I was making this shit up.

Clutching at straws. Just give up. I could photoshop my head on a person standing next to a figurehead better than that shit.