I was reading this review today and so I thought I would download the game from somewhere. I don’t want to ACTUALLY pay to laugh at something when I can go to the special olympics and laugh uncontrollably for free.

To download this game proved harder than I originally thought. I won’t bore you with the deets but I did eventually get a copy of this game. I downloaded it. And then patched it. 8 times. The patches were easier to find than the actual game as it is clear from the off-set that this is a game that needs them more than a smoker needs his lungs or a mongoloid needs his nappy.

It has complete infamy all over the net for being a terrible game and arguably the worst ever created and there are plenty of youtube videos to back that up. I have played, Aquaman on Gamecube and I have played Superman 64 on Nintendo64 and I have seen Clusters Revenge and ET on youtube to know that these sorts of games rank right up there as one of the worst games but I am starting to see things a little differently.

I mean, those games were crap. And there is no doubt that those games truly deserve what comes to them. And perhaps this game should be alongside those. There is no way someone would make a game this intentionally bad, right?

The way I see it - this game is ahead of its time. It’s an avant-garde video game. The design is different. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose and it doesn’t even matter where you travel. The AI is non-existant. It’s not even broken. So you just drive and go for a cruise around a poorly constructed track. But maybe it is not poorly constructed. Maybe it is a metaphore that tells us we all live in circles.
Even when they get the portion of the screen which has only the timer in the top left hand of the screen and it overlaps the boarders wrong, there has to be more the just poor programming. It says to me that maybe you can’t put borders and boundaries on life.


With the ability to reverse at 1000KM/hour when you just hold back and a turn left/right key on the keyboard, they were going for less realistic and more arcade-style. An excellent game though would straddle the line between realism and arcade and give you a really nice compromise. But this game feels no need to make any sort of compromise.

Even the most simplistic parts of the game are broken like going through hills. Or going through the houses in your truck. Maybe that is a reflection on society being an empty row of houses when you drive a truck, perhaps. Or how you can drive through the other trucks you’re supposed to race. When you drive through other trucks, it’s not like this is the first game to ever have this feature. It just makes over taking so much easier. In fact, in Hang On GP 95/96 for the Sega Saturn, over-taking opponents is what makes the game hard on some levels. If you could drive through them, it would take out some of the challenge.

Giving you the ability to drive anywhere you want, including through a bridge when you can’t see the truck and you went underneath it to begin with symbolizes that everything material is what we make of it. The developer was perhaps giving us a deep social message of interpreting our surroundings. Maybe they liked the whole idea of being able to roam freely. Even if it has nothing to do with the track or physics or any kind of property that would mark an interesting game. Maybe they wanted to take those finite details out of the game to give you a new and different feeling. Even if that feeling was remorse and pure hatred.

When you drive past the point of ground where they have clearly only programmed up to, maybe beyond that point of emptiness lies an additional feeling of despair and a never ending boundary that can not be and should be felt like it could be pushed. They made the track as open as you want it to be. If you felt like driving in a white screen for 30 minutes real time, then that is your choice. And no game should restrict you from that pleasure.

This game does not deserve to be defended. But it is another look at a game that was instantly dismissed by every other critic out there.