OK, it’s a long and boring story but the short of it is I had a gun to my head and I had to make a quick decision on which one was lube, which one was mayo and which one was horse cum.

I recently bought a Sega Saturn. Some would put this purchase down to a chemical imbalance in my brain, some would suggest perhaps it has a particular nostalgic property and some would say it is just a poor choice.

It was a totally underrated console that even though this was the console the Sega Team skipped out on a flagship Sonic title with, it still has a lot of hidden gems in it. It doesn’t mean the Sonic Team skipped out altogether on the console, just that they focused on other projects like KNiGHTS into Dreams, Burning Rangers and contributed towards Sonic Jam and Sonic R. But perhaps that was one of the several mistakes Sega made to make this console the commercial disaster it was. Granted, the library of games for the Saturn is nowhere near as big as the PS1. Over twelve hundred games were ultimately made for the Playstation in the United States, and at best several hundred were made for the Sega Saturn. But, the PS1 suffered from the same thing the Wii did: A popular console with a shitload of really fucking terrible titles sold as a quick and easy money to be made.
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Do we need anymore reminders?

PS1 has enough fans and great games; that is not what this is about.
The Saturn has a shitload of overlooked great games. Then you have editorials by douche bags/trolling arseholes like this which completely dismisses the console because it didn’t sell well even though 9.5 million consoles were sold during its brief run. And to prove his point, he continues with faux facts and misinformation that he plays off as real story. Here in Australia, when both consoles were only just being released on the market, both the Saturn and the Playstation were the same fucking price when they came out. Here are a few consoles worse than the Saturn as far as commercial success is concerned: Jaguar, 3DO, 32X, MegaCD, CDi and Amiga CD-32.

Saturn wasn’t the first bad decision Sega made. The MegaCD was a disaster in some ways. It sold 6 million worldwide. But the majority of games you could only get for the console were FMV (full motion video) games which were ALL fucking dreadful. This was due to many developers not getting onboard the large capacity that the CD could (500mb at the time) as cartridges held only a fraction of the space. In fact, one of the worst games ever was on the MegaCD: Make My Video which is still cited as the worst game in video game history.
Then out came the Sega Nomad which I spoke about previously which was also an epic disaster. And both of those happened before the Saturn. Too much was invested into the Saturn but there were some epic fuck ups. Like releasing it on a day that wasn’t actually completely shipped out to many stores so when they did the official release, it was hard to come across and then rushed to get it out in time. It had more graphics cores and than CPU cores much like the way the PS3. It was a console which was hard to write games for which is why many 3rd party developers didn’t touch it with a 10 foot clown pole. Plus, I dare say Sega didn’t throw enough money at 3rd party developers to keep them interested. It was also poorly marketed which only made things worse. By the time the Dreamcast came out, Sega knew it had a short life left in the console business.
The irony is that the Saturn is more popular now than it ever has been. If you try and buy anything Saturn-related on ebay or amazon, prepare to pay an arm and a leg for it in mint condition.

One of the biggest problems is there were handfuls of games that didn’t make it to the US shores. In fact, they never made it to any country outside of Japan. Different regions was going to be a problem - even if they’re not in English. So, I did some digging and you can buy a cartridge for it which not only allows you to back up your saves to it, it is also a cheat cart and most importantly plays imports. So, no matter where in the world I buy my games from, I can still play them without having to do any sort of hardware modification (as long as they’re legitimate games).

I managed to track down a website that has reviewed a whole bunch of Saturn games. I also found a website that provided me with a tonne of info on the Saturn. Not to mention I found a site that has 2 Saturn games which were originally unfinished prototypes but someone out there has developed them and you can now download and play on the Saturn provided it is mod-chipped. Even reddit has a Sega Saturn section to their website. To be fair though, they have everything there.

I threw a few of these gameplay videos at the end of this just to show you some games on the Saturn which are awesome:
Sega Touring Car Championship

Guardian Heroes

KNiGHTS Into Dreams

Fighters Megamix

Sega Rally