There is a story (which turns out to be true) which goes along the lines of a woman who has a baby but at the same time she gives birth she confesses that the baby is not his husbands and that she has been cheating on him with his best friend. So, he goes to his house, kills him in cold blood, cuts off his head and brings it back to this hospital and gives it to her. The man is sentenced to a life imprisonment.
Needless to say he doesn’t take bad news very well.

But then I thought, imagine if you were the dude who got his head cut off. When it happened, do you just die immediately? Turns out that it’s not the case. Dr. Beaurieux was a guy who studied this morbid topic and found that people took up to 30 seconds to die once it happened. What a fucked way to go. He said people would look directly at him into his eyes once it had happened as signs of activity before turning the TV off for the last time. I don’t even have a picture I can put here that reflects this amount of fuckedness. I typed that into Google images and I can honestly say that the Internet is a fucking scary place and people should be ashamed of themselves.

But while we’re on terrible stories, there is a story that goes along the lines of a 10 year old little girl decided one day to hide in a pile of leaves on the street as her Dad came home to surprise him only he parked the car there killing his daughter. I don’t know how that becomes an urban legend but rather just a fucked real life story.

In 1933, there were two Hungarians: Rezso Seress and Laszlo Javor who wrote a song (in Hungarian) called, “Gloomy Sunday”. The sort of effect it had was like that of the book, “The Catcher in the Rye where it was merely coincidental that every psychopath quoted it like some kind of bible. Only, this time around, people were using this particular song as a swan song to end their lives. According to snopes, the highest suicide rate in the world is in Hungary (45 people/year) so all these people killing themselves were probably the media taking shit way out of proportion. Then having all these people say the song was reason why they killed themselves was more than likely a large number but not all of them. And then the irony is the guy who wrote it (Rezso Seress) ended his life in 1968 saying he was depressed because he couldn’t write another hit like this song.