When I said in a previous post that fucking a horse is pretty fucked up, maybe I should really start creating a fucked meter. I swear to you that this is by no way intentional and I realise that the last handful of entries have been typically of morbid topics but this is what the Intergooglenets has shown me.
I was doing a Wiki crawl (which weirdly started out reading about Apple (ya know, creator of iPods..etc not the fruit) but I ended up here. That’s right - back in the 1800s photos were expensive as shit. It was the sort of thing you would only buy once in a lifetime so, the only time they thought it was a valid thing to do is when they were dead.
Say Cheese.

Some said they paint his eyes open, some people have said they just opened his eyes back up. So, who thought this was an acceptable thing to do? Once photography became cheaper and people realized that what they were doing was actually creepy as shit, they stopped it. But man, what a great idea for a movie: take a creepy guy like Robin Williams (out of One Hour Photo) or John Jarratt (from Wolf Creek) and have the movie set back in the 1800s and be the first guy trying to promote this creepy-as-fuck way of photography. You can have it eerie but not graphic in blood. And have this guy go around and kill innocent people in very inventive ways and try and ramp up his business. Business is booming with people trying to get photos of their now dead ones until someone catches him. Typical story but man, it could so creepy without being gory (like the original Wicker Man).