I say this with a sigh of disappointment but people are offended by this?

Really? It’s not that shocking. It’s not that disturbing. There is one bit at the end which is a bit, “Ah yeah, that is a bit fucked but not too much.” The only thing that is truly disturbing about this whole thing is how the music is so terribly shitty. Oh well, at least that will have that one hit they will be known for.

This is either a really piss poor reflection on how I have seen so much fucked shit on the Internet that this doesn’t even rate and I have become desensitized or people have that little on that they feel the need to make a big deal about nothing. It could be that people just need a glass of concrete.

One of the engineers I share an office with took that saying literal when they took a cup and when they were doing a pour, they took a small bit of it and put it in the cup. I thought they didn’t go far enough. Instead of wasting precious concrete to make a statement, a story would go far better if he shat in the cup. And then he could go on to explain that he was going to pour concrete but shit made a bolder statement saying if you need to harden the fuck up, don’t make me bring out the cup of shit again. That is enough ambition anyone will ever need to stop their whinging.

THIS is more disturbing:

When I saw it the first time, fucking blew my mind. Not that I really care that much for the Prodigy.