I am never leaving comments anywhere ever again.
I won’t go into the details but I left a few comments in various youtube video clips and a few other sites and have noticed a trend. Regardless on what I say, I am criticized at every turn. Now, I know I sometimes am a bit outlandish with some statements I say but they are (mostly) said in jest. What a fucked up world we live in where you can’t make an obscure reference (and even sometimes blatant fucking obvious reference) without someone trying to correct you or taking every word you say as something you believe is a fact. But this also got me thinking that I really have a feeling that a large percentage of Family Guy’s audience wouldn’t understand even half of of the obscure references they make in that show. Granted, they have really dialed it back in that department for the last 3 or so seasons. So, are they just laughing because of the bright colours and fart jokes?

The irony is my comments section doesn’t work on my site at the moment. So you can’t even join in or tell me how much of a tool I am; I’m working on it. But, fuck people. It’s just a shame I am not someone famous so I would have more visitors on my site. I could always pay for advertising but I am not that heavily invested.

Even if I was someone famous, you just know there would be someone out there who would hate on me no matter how likable I came across which is just really fucking piss poor reflection on society.