There was a band in the 60s called, “The Music Machine”. Every song that lead singer Sean Bonniwell wrote was gold (for the most part). He even had a hit single called, “Talk Talk”:

Anyway, the band lasted one album and then dissolved into obscurity. I guess they couldn’t deal with his awesomeness. He was probably a massive arsehole to deal with.
Sean (whose first name is actually Thomas although I did read from conflicting websites that his first name is Harvey) decided that even though the band is broken up, he can still go on in the music industry. So, he did a limited print of a solo album he did called, “Close”. Here is a picture of the front cover:
It was limited to 5,000 and never released on CD so I am told. After this album, he was so dissatisfied with the album that he gave up on the music biz which makes me only want to hear it more. Here is the review of the album:
“Close” by T.S. Bonniwell.
And here is what I am willing to hand over if you can track down a copy of this album:
I don’t discriminate. If you are female and find me a copy of this LP (not the actual LP ’cause it doesn’t sound like something worthy of money, but an vinyl rip into mp3, maybe?), I will polish your flange in case the idea of having your pole polishing doesn’t apply to you.