Harry Shearer (Mr. Burns/Smithers/Principal Skim Milk…etc) is after more money

As the fate of longest-running sitcom ever (and greatest show ever) The Simpsons hangs in the balance because of money disputes between cast and production, one actor, Harry Shearer (Principal Skinner, Mr. Burns, et al) has reached out to the public to explain the situation.

It must be slim pickings for ol’ Shazza if these are the straws he is clutching at. Why didn’t make these demands back like 10 seasons ago? Plus, Shaz said he would take a pay cut if he could get a cut of the “eventual profits”. What are those exactly? Isn’t the show profiting now? Once they finish the show, isn’t that it? Isn’t the reason it is now in its 23rd season because the show has been popular enough to profit from?
Plus, I’d need to see some actual figures. We’re only being shown percentages which mean absolutely nothing. I could feel a little more for Harry if I knew maybe the sacrifice he was making and how much he was taking home. If I found that for the last 23 years, he has been making monthly what I earn annually, I’d have very little sympathy for him.

So who is at fault here? They both are. Fox are greedy fuckers for not giving a little slack (I dare say due to the overhead of all those highly paid executives) to a dedicated employee who has contributed to the success of your most successful TV show.
And not like our hearts should bleed for Harry. The guy probably makes what 20 honest guys make month in a single week.
So fuck you both.