Come one, come all! Take your money and throw caution to the wind!
Do you have money you don’t need anymore? Well, I have a site for YOU! -
Here is how the website works:

My wife pointed this one out to me as a way we could get a iPhone for cheap! Do you know how you can get a iPhone for cheap? You can’t. It’s a simple supply and demand equation. Steve Jobs has made them such a desirable item that even as a resold, second hand item they are still far too expensive for a shit mobile phone. That is not my opinion, this is fact. The only way you could get one for free is if you enter a contest where they are giving one away and then, that is the gamble you take. Which is far less riskier than this site.

Let’s take a REAL example. You buy bid tokens which are 60cents each. And you can buy them in packs. So when make a bid, the monetary value on the item increments by 1 cent. So in this example, there was 9461 (in 1 cent increments) which are 60 cents (60*9461=567660) which means there was 567660 cents spend on bids alone. Which is $5676.60 in bids. And then the person spends $94.61 on top. Now, all of this would seem like a good idea but how many people would have lost out? Or how many bids must you have to buy in order for you to make a purchase of this magnitude? Let’s say it was down to someone else and yourself for this auction. Which if you split that number down the middle, it is still $2838 in bids before paying the addition $94.61.

The packages they offer are not anything special. They can do 250 bids for $150!! Now if they are 60cents a bid and there is 250 bids, that equals…$150!!! So there is no saving if bought in bulk.

The best part about this is they have a Winners Wall. Look at all the prizes on that wall. The only thing there that is worth a pinch of shit is the PS3 which went for $97. Look at the prizes (which will have changed since this post) - kodak AA batteries, some dodgy looking mouse, a baseball, some cheap-looking makeup kit, a power adapter, a strap for your camera, etc. Nothin but mostly dodgy shit. The iPhone went for $208.03 DealFun dollars. Which meant that total amount in bids that were spent alone was $12,481.80 before the additional $208 for the product was spent. Which totals $12,689.83 earned for the site on an item which is about $800.
Or the iPad below which was won for $294.26. (26426*60=1765560cents=$17,655.60).

Now, if this were an honest site this would actually be worth it if all you did is wait until the last minute to make a bid. BUT the video above says that once a bid is made, a timer is reset for another 15 seconds. So, even if you left it until the last minute, the price could increase dramatically if you any say, 10 other people were placing bids. Now you only have 250 bids. They make it sound like that is more than enough bids but let’s just say the item only 25 seconds to go. You make a bid. And the item is still a fucking steal at $10 dealfun dollars ($10DFD). Someone else makes a bid. Then we all wait until another 15 seconds of our life is wasted waiting while the timer reset to 15 seconds left and it counts down. Someone else makes a bid. Now that item is $10.01. And this goes backwards and forwards for potentially hours, if not days. Using the Acer notebook as an example, there is 9461 bids. And if the counter resets for 15 seconds per bid, and let’s say on average only 5 seconds (which is more the generous as I am sure people would be waiting longer than that), that means 47305 secs, which is 788.4167 mins, which is 13.140278 hrs. That does not include the amount of time at the start of the bidding war because if you were clever, you wouldn’t spend all your bids at the start of the auction because you would have spent all that time just boosting the item to a level anyone would still be happy to pay for it.
They have a feature much like ebay does called, “Bid Buddy” which gets around sitting there manually having to click on bid and watching the timer reset to 15 seconds, every 15 seconds. But how would this be: You spend 60c per bid and you say to bid buddy, I only want to go to $95 for the PS3. So, bid buddy goes away and starts making bids on your behalf. Which could be at anytime. And this automated process is spending YOUR money willy nilly; as it sees fit. Bid buddy could go away and waste all your money on being the first lot of bids. It almost turns into a lottery then because if someone says they’re only going to go to $95 as well, what happens then? You two duke it out until you’re both out-bidded by someone who sat there watching two morons making bids until bid buddy gets to $95 and then making one more bid, buying the item for $95.01 and spending a total of $95.61. Then that would truly be a bargain.

Now, I am not saying all items are going to be like this. In fact, I guarantee that less desirable items would be easily snatched up for reasonably cheap. But what are you honestly going to buy on this site? A camera lanyard? Or an iPhone? And if you’re going for an iPhone, how many other people are going to bet on one? And if you scroll through the winners wall, what do you see? Mostly all the same sort of stuff: cheap crap with the odd Apple product or PS3 thrown in to entice.

Even Google’s got my back:
Some people have had a few things to say about this site and how it operates. Some people have complained they have won and never received their items and then go back to the site to see the item didn’t fetch as much as they would have liked and just gone back into auction. With the amount of money they pulling for each item on bids alone, surely they would be ok with just sending the item without having an actual reserve?

The worse case scenario for you, the bidder is you pay the item outright if you want. That is another option. In which case, the website hasn’t made a tonne of money off you but then again, you haven’t really bought the deal of the century this website promises. It would be like going to the Apple store and buying one.