People are getting hard over the next Nintendo console which is due for release next year. And what is even more baffling is how people are arguing about the wrong things. Things that don’t matter or simply misguided. People argue that the controller looks awkward and would be shit to use.
Have you actually used this controller? No. Any of the gaming websites have mentioned it handles better than it looks. Everyone else doesn’t know shit. They’re just trying to troll.

Some people say how the Wii is innovative. By what? Introducing a screen into their controller? Like say…um…the Dreamcast?
Granted, the graphics of the controller screen might be a tad bit better on the Wii U. HEH.
OK, so maybe it might have been improved graphics but it is not the ground breaking idea that everyone thinks it is. They just did an apple. Took the screen and…BLAMMO! Made it bigger. Only Apple called it an iPad, slightly up-spec’ed it and sold it for twice the price with no additional functionality. WOO!

Or how it does 1080p graphics? Like every other current gen console? It’s just Nintendo catching up.

And even then, I don’t think the tablet is going to be such a game changer. It might be for Nintendo’s own games for the Wii U but the Wii’s library demonstrated that only a handful of games actually utilised the full potential of the controller like Wii Sports. And even then, nearly all of them were Nintendo games. Even Mario Kart (as much as I loved it) only utilised the moving the control from side to side. Most other third party developers tried to incorporate its semi-wanky controls into their games like a more traditional controller (see Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus). Or a simple point-and-click like a mouse does on PC.

See, Nintendo don’t have to answer to anyone. The Wii out-sold every console on then-current market and 5th overall, ever. As opposed to The worst selling consoles of all time (sorry, Sega). If it generates enough excitement and can demonstrate more interactiveness, it will sell another 50-80 million consoles again. If it bombs, it will be the second Nintendo console (remember Virtual Boy?) that does. My question is how would they market the Wii U? You can market your console to me which is pointless because I already have an interest in it and might end up buying it once the price comes down. They marketed the Wii to non-gamers and that blew the shit out wide open on how many units they moved because of it. But if you’re upgrading everything, adding another screen , etc…how does that still appeal to that very same market you made a mint out of? It seems to me the only people who would be woo’ed over something like this are the more hardcore gamer. You can use the the control to bowl, or hit simulate hitting a ball in baseball or playing tennis. Are you going to going to target everyone again by showing that you touch the screen this time, not do any actual movement. “Look everyone! It’s shiny! And look at those graphics - ‘Ooooooooooooooo’.”

If you really think back to previous gen Nintendo consoles, they have always been pushing the boundaries on the then-current trends. NES and the SNES were just really great consoles. They practically sold themselves with the ridiculously large library of games for each console and within that library, plenty of great games. According to that same list, the NES comes in at #8 and the SNES comes in at #11 in best selling consoles (not to mention their handhelds are also at the top of that list). Even Virtual Boy had its heart in the right place. I think the a few of the ideas were on the right path but clearly not at a stage where the technology really existed for them to do what they wanted. It’s portable…but, we’ll make it so they have to use a stand. And make the screen incredibly hard to look at for any more than 5 minutes and starts giving headaches after 30 minutes of playing.

What will be exciting is the next Gen of Nintendo games because people have even seen Zelda video Demo’s says this shit is gunna be AWESOME. People are saying that Nintendo need to forget about Mario and the Party and appeal back to the hardcore gamer. It’s games like Mario Party where a group can get together and have a Mario orgy of mini games that sells. But again, that is not the angle Nintendo is going for because there is more money to be made out of common man than the hardcore gamers. And even then, I know there were at least several titles for the Wii that were aimed at the more-than-your-average-gamer market. The games are there. It’s whether Nintendo wants to port them from Japanese or simply release them in America.

The big question is price…