What People in 1910 thought the year 2000 would be. They took a scene straight out of Harry Potter with the flying-with-wings look. There also seems to be a lot of flying involved in the future and that walking and driving are a thing of the past. It is interesting that they thought they could crush books into our brain through headphones. It was the closest thing to what actually happened apart from aeroplanes rescuing sinking ships. Now, the thing these pictures neglected to take into effect is how long it takes humanity to do anything. When you add the extra dimension of laziness, ego, selfish motivation/greed and lack of responsibility from your workers, we could have done a lot better if those things never existed. I can’t point fingers. None of us can. If we had the opportunity to make a shitload of money at the expense of a group of people…hell, a nation of people, you’d do it in a heartbeat. The only problem is trying to put yourself into a position that allows for that to happen. I guess they only had the foresight to really develop on then-technologies. And it was only 90 years from that point. Maybe they needed better tools to draw a better tomorrow. Might I suggest Photoshop. Or even MS Paint.