Instead of boring the pants off you with detail, I am just gunna give the highlights. It’s less work on me and you don’t give a shit anyway.

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles 4_stars.gif
1-tick.jpg Accurate Controls.
1-tick.jpg Still thoroughly enjoyable.
1-tick.jpg Don’t Need to know any of the other Resident Evils to enjoy the story.
1-tick.jpg Upgrade of weapons system works well.
1-cross.jpg Jarring camera angles makes life hard if you suffer from motion sickness not to mention aiming
1-cross.jpg As a first time RE player, this entire story was ridiculously cliched and predictable. No scares.

Cruisin’ 3_stars.gif
1-tick.jpg Not as Bad as People Make it Out to be - still can be fun regardless on all of its problems for the brief hour you can be bothered playing it.
1-cross.jpg Graphically Glitchy as Fuck. Eg. The road splits into two. And if I hit the barrier separating the two, all of a sudden, I am about 10m down the road on a side it chose for me.
1-cross.jpg Generic music.
1-cross.jpg Multiplayer doesn’t make this game any better.
1-cross.jpg Fun for an hour. No replayability once you finished the game (after the hour it took for you to finish it even though it took me 2 and a bit hours ’cause I suck at games).
1-cross.jpg Lack of modes.
Other Comments: I thought Midway was a decent video game company. This certainly doesn’t do much to prove it. Consider this score to be very forgiving. If anything, the Wii has taught me that most of the video game companies that I once loved (Capcom, Sega, etc) are usually a bad sign of a Wii game. I’m slightly embarrassed of the score I gave it.

London Taxi: Rush Hour 1_5stars.gif
1-tick.jpg Nothing.
1-tick.jpg Wait, no. There are worse games than this. Hard to imagine, right? Does that really justify a second tick? Probably not.
1-cross.jpg Plays out as a third rate crazy taxi.
1-cross.jpg Not Fun.
1-cross.jpg Traffic is frustrating to deal with.
1-cross.jpg Graphically lackluster.
1-cross.jpg Controls are responsive enough but there is still something about them I just don’t like.
1-cross.jpg When you run into anything, it acts like a wall that you can’t simply bulldoze no matter how fast you’re travelling. Eg. I drove through a bush hedge. But instead of going through it…BLAMMO! Stops you dead in your tracks.

F1 2009 2_5stars.gif
1-tick.jpg Decent graphics for the Wii.
1-tick.jpg Accurate steering.
1-cross.jpg Accurate steering. Yes, I know it is here twice.
1-cross.jpg No soundtrack.
1-cross.jpg Where the FUCK is the fun?
1-cross.jpg Menu’s/Presentiation look dodgy.
1-cross.jpg Lacks personality.
Other Comments: After playing this for several hours today, this was the highs and lows of the game. It doesn’t excite me enough to make further comment on it.