Apple Fucked Online Music
quote]Speaking rather frankly on IRC,’s co-founder Richard Jones has condemned Apple’s move to grab 30% of content-based subscription fees: “Apple just f***** over online music subs for the iPhone.”[/quote]
Goes to show which company can you trust?
None of them.

Doesn’t matter if you hate Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Nintendo…which ever.
They will all find some way of taking more money out of the hands of idiots. The only difference being is we, the general consumer, are smart enough to figure out the scam when it happens. And the scams usually come in waves. This week it is 30% more for online songs from Apple. Last week was Microsoft ripping us through the arsehole. Next week, it might be Sony putting root kits in their legitimate CDs so when a user puts a CD into their computer, it creates backdoors for Sony to pry into whatever the fuck it is we do. Who knows?