I don’t know if you have ever seen this but, I was watching SVU last night with my hand down my pants when I saw an ad on TV for Chemist Warehouse.

THAT’S RIGHT! Throw caution to the wind and get YOUR drugs CHEAP! Yes, we found a warehouse that fell right off the back of this truck and it had tablets! TABLETS GALORE! Some pill bottles with mixed tablets! SO CHEAP! Hosting a pharmy party? We have you covered! Need that expensive life-rehabilitating prescription but just don’t have the money? NO WORRIES! We have you covered. We take the ingredients of your medicine and give it our best shot! And we pass those discounts onto you! Need a placebo? Stevo found some pills on the floor of a trucker pitstop. He says they’re fine and they work. I mean we think they’re fine. He’s in a coma. We believe him and so should you! Our store assistants José and Wayno are more than happy to assist you with your needs. Like to take life by the nads and take the gamble? GIVE US A GO! Cash only. No reciepts. Continue to live! OR your money back.

Then I saw this:

Ok, I am not done yet. WHAT THE FUCK does punching meat have to do with selling you medicine? The only thing it tells me is then sheer irony that this guy is off his meds and he needs to really get back on them before making an ad. And the way he punches that meat reflects the type of product he sells: flimsy. Maybe someone just wanted video evidence of some loon beating his meat. Is this guy in the pharmaceutical industry? Or the meat market industry? If you are selling me drugs, I want to see you take a whole bunch of them and continue with your ad with some hilarious side effect like foaming at the mouth, diarrhea or death.