Geometry Wars: Galaxies 4_stars.gif
This game has a retro look about it that is quite awesome. Granted, it has been updated. But, in a time where video games are over-done to the eyeballs in graphics and lack the real thought that went into video games like they used to, this is very refreshing. I like simple games. You use the Nunchuck and the remote to point and shoot and move around. And surprisingly, it is not all fucking gimpy like most games that use that combination are. The only problem I faced was a little lag from my remote pointer going around to shoot bad guys but when I look at other sites, none of them seem to have this problem so it could just be my setup. Addictive? You fucking bet your left nut it is. To progress, you have to earn Geoms. To get Geoms, you have shoot shit. Usually your enemies are just shapes that all behave differently. Each level has 3 different medals you can win according to the score you get. I thought getting these medals were imperative but obtaining the Geoms are far more important to progress. Looks good, handles well, the menu is ok and its replayability will be dependant on how hardcore you are on these sorts of games as there are a lot of planets and modes.

Bust-A-Move Bash! 3_stars.gif
There’s 500 levels. That’s good.
But the backgrounds are average/not exciting. That’s bad.
Multiplayer supports up to 8 players. That’s good.
In Multiplayer there is no score except a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. So it impossible to find out how much someone is beating someone else. That’s bad.
You get different balls to shoot to eliminate whole areas of bubbles/balloons That’s good.
When playing multiplayer, anyone can win just by shooting randomly at the screen. Much in the way you choose Eddie Gordo if you want to look good playing Tekken. That’s bad.
I found the controls alright. Just point at the screen and shoot. That’s good.
The sound is the same song on a fucking loop. And not a 30 minute, multi-part song with interesting solos. It’s generic as fuck. In fact, it sounds like one of those guys who performs in Casino’s with a keyboard by himself and he sings covers and REALLY gets into it but it is embarrassing to watch him. The music is like that. That’s bad.
The first 100 levels were enjoyable. That’s good.
You’d have to be an absolutely die-hard fan to sit through anymore in a single sitting as it is repetitive as shit. That’s bad.

AMF Bowling World Lanes 2_stars.gif
Why would anyone even bother making a bowling game unless you’re gunna try and make it better than the game that comes free with the console (Wii Sports)? Unfortunately, it doesn’t add anything extra of worth that the Wii Sports doesn’t already have. In fact, this game’s gameplay is pretty shit. There is no strategy and the characters you can select are all stereotypes that say stupid monosyllabic phrases like the sort of audience that would be interested in this game drag their knuckles on the ground. The graphics are noticibly bad which says a lot since it is not only a Wii (which doesn’t have great graphics to begin with) but I rarely mention graphics unless they are truly piss poor. And the thing is this is only a bowling game. At least Wii Sports has 4 other sports to choose from. With this game, if you are unhappy with the bowling component, that is it. You get better pin physics from a free iPhone app. Not to mention the swinging is unresponsive. What makes all of this worse is this is a sequel to another game just like it. And it too is shit. Turns out that they learnt nothing from their first game.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus 3_5stars.gif
I own a classic control and was told when I turned the game on that I had to plug either the Nunchuck or the classic controller in if I want to continue. I didn’t know how the Nunchuck would work. Long story short: it doesn’t. What a gimpy fucking shitty control using the nunchuck. Use the classic controller. Without the classic controller, this game would be dead set shit. But I am reviewing this game as you would using a proper console controller like the gamecube controller or the classic controller which both works well. It’s a classic one-on-one fighting game which is not as interesting as say, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. But, having said that there is not a great deal wrong as you have enough characters to play through and clock the game with. Graphics are fine. The game has several modes to choose from: Survival mode that lets you level-up as you go. Mission mode and Story mode and the emergence of team-based matches. Not to mention additional unlockables such as bonus characters and artwork. If you’ve played this game before, it is more of the same. Just make sure you have a classic controller. If not, it is still one of the best 2D, one-on-one fighting games for the Wii console.