10 Strangest Almost Nations
This is such an interesting list as I have never heard of these places.
And there is a reason for that.
If you read the list you will notice these micro-nations only exist because they have been established by COMPLETE FRUIT CAKES. To be fair, that is not always the case. It becomes clear that a few of these people are subject to circumstance in the sense that a law is in place to prevent them from what they want to accomplish or they have an ideal which the law does not allow.

The one that is most interesting is the Principality of Sealand. It’s a fucking oil rig 10KM off the shore of England. It started out during WW2 as a way to deter German air raids and was setup as a pirate radio station. Anyway, long story short it is its own sovereign nation with it even opening fire on passing ships in its immediate area. Yeah, that doesn’t sound weird at all.