We use McAfee at work and I hate the fucking program.
I found this recently and it thrilled me to see someone else who hates the program as much as I do.
Where my complete disdain for this program came from was when I first started in the company I am with now, it was just about impossible to actually remove the fucking program without needing to reimage the entire machine. You would have to go into safe mode to remove one component and then if that didn’t work, you had to delete registry entries and all sorts of fucking heartache. Then with the latest version, they fixed this by giving us a one line command which would have been great 2 years when just about any other AV which wasn’t Norton (which also sucks shit out of my arsehole on many levels) would be easy to remove if a reinstall was required.
We have a thing called an EPO. Which is a way of remotely deploying out the McAfee application through a webGUI. In itself, the concept of the EPO is fine and it has reporting tools and a dashboard which shows us all sorts of information which is the upside.
The downside? Well, if McAfee ACTUALLY CAUGHT SOME FUCKING VIRUS’, we would have a decent anti virus on our hands.