I probably said it last year but because I am slow, 2 days ago (Jul 30th) was SysAdmin Day. Not saying I’m one but I do work as a technician.
This to me encapsulates what a SysAdmin person is.

In nerd-related topics, Facebook tops 500 million users worldwide. Ya know what that means to me? Fucking nothing I mean, apart from people wanting to get in touch with people they don’t know or really don’t keep in touch with. If you can’t be arsed to catch up with people in real life, then they probably don’t mean a whole lot to you. Don’t let that small insignificant detail worry you, though because Facebook connects everyone with a few clicks. In a few simple clicks, people can see your profile and start the ball rolling on stalking you.
Give yourself that false sense of satisfaction in knowing that out of the 1200 facebook friends you have…maybe 2 will spend time with you in person and the rest will ignore you. But still keep you on their list.
People are fucked.