MS Sues Spammers for Circumventing its Spam Filter
I had this theory that anti-spam companies make spam. Ya know, give a reason for a product. I mean, who ACTUALLY gets spam to their Inbox still? And if they did, it would have to be a well-formatted email for anyone to take notice. The king of Nigeria wants to give me money if I send the $1000 first? Sounds awesome! :D
Well, if you have dud product (*ah-hem* Microsoft, Hotmail) then you might. I have a Gmail account that gets the spam shit out of it (I can see in my spam folder which I have hidden by default, anyway) but I haven’t seen any actual spam turn up in my inbox since I’ve opened the account. My work account gets NO spam. So, why would spammers target Hotmail accounts? And more importantly, why didn’t their spam filter work?

The InterGoogles Have Getting Passwords
I knew about this story a long time ago. Now that I have said Gmail is awesome with no spam, that doesn’t mean to say Google is in the clear. Their practices are starting to become equally dodgy as say Facebook’s privacy issues OR Microsoft’s…well, sue everything that makes us look bad or we disagree with stance for starters.

And I don’t know if mentioned it previously, NetStumbler would be some sort of software that might as assist in tracking down wireless networks.