In Australia, we have an arse-backwards system for Internet bandwidth. I constantly get caught up in news articles that either give us hope of more bandwidth or having the Government/ISPs monitor and block content. Regardless on whether it is actually up to them to do so.

One of the things that makes the system arse-backwards is this Peak/Off-Peak system. Which means during one part of the day, you can download only so much, the other part is restricted to another set of data you can download. For instance, you get 20gb peak and 50gb off peak. Which means it is ultimately 70gb but if you find you download 25gb during peak, that is it. Depending on how your ISP works, it will either slow you down during the time you have over-downloaded, shape your speed until the next month regardless or keep your speeds the way they are and then just pants you in fees when the bill comes around.

I am moving to an ISP that has such a thing in place and I don\’t like the idea of being shaped or molested by an Internet bill than leaves me begging on the street after a day at work or forces me to get a second job to pay it off. So, how do I keep this under wraps?
A bandwidth monitor.

The only problem with most monitors I have found is they take into consideration ALL data flow which means if you copy data from one computer to another on your network, it counts that as well as download.

These are the two I found: Bandwidth Monitor and FreeMeter.

They seem to do the job.