I am gunna have a retrogasm here by saying I remember Hotmail.
I mean, I can’t believe people still use it. There is this crazy notion I have seen floating the Interwebs that some people hate Gmail. I dunno why but whatever.
I read that Hotmail has removed ads from the footers of emails. That’s all very well and good except it’s about 10 years too late.
Go to Gmail. It’s more versatile and when you have a Gmail account, it allows you to do other things like sign up for Youtube accounts. Not to mention the file size restriction on attachments is better with Gmail and Gmail gives you more space with your inbox than Hotmail does.
The only people I know who use Hotmail are old people who aren’t willing to change since they created the account 15 years ago OR people who don’t know better.
Using Hotmail is like using metacrawlers (search engines that aren’t Google) instead of Google.