You guys know me - I am up with the hippest shit in the market right now, musically. Right?

This is a great song. He has to announce his own before the song kicks off because you know how it is. You hear the first 4 sounds (I wouldn’t go so far to call them notes as they are mechanically made) and people go, “Wow, who is this?”
JASON DERULA! replies the song.
I thought it was Derulo. How embarrassing for him. He doesn’t even know his own name. Not a terribly great start to a song that makes more than than 50 people make in their life times but whatever.
I mean all these songs sound the same so by declaring your name like it is was some kind of introduction to the rest of your generic shit makes sense to me.
So I am guessing this song is aimed at teenage girls because they would be the only ones both with piss poor taste in music and…ARE they looking for love? And love is the reason why you go into a club. Not because you just want to dance. And if you tried looking for love in the personal column in the paper, Jason does not accommodate for your method of date finding. But don’t stress! Jason has some advice for those who are looking for love.
Then in the next screen, we find out that Jason not only big notes himself but it was all a selfish motivation. What is to say I can’t show a woman love better than you can, Jason?
We break into the chorus and it all becomes clear. Jason wants to do what no other male wants to do: have sex.
How original.
In my head I see you riding my cock
so I don’t have to bat off into a sock
In my head, I reach down (reach down)
and find out your not only part man but part clown
My head you’ll be screamin (ohhh yeah)
then we have a 3-some with a polar bear

Where are THOSE lyrics, Jason? WHERE?!?! Jason wants to do is procreate. All over the fucking place. Do we need someone like him breeding and spawning children who will also flood the world with more already shitty music? Don’t try and sugarcoat wanting to fuck everything that moves.
After the chorus, the wheels are in motion and the cogs are turning at full speed. The woman wants to know more. Your emotions are just a game to Jason. Finding his way into your pants is just a game. And he doesn’t want to talk. He wants to show you. He is being a little forceful right now. And he wants to skip foreplay. That would be terribly uncomfortable if she is not moist? You still gunna be force your way until she is wet? ‘Cause that is fucked up. You could snap your banjo string. Or break the condom if you even bother wearing one, you filthy bastard. What happens if she is a virgin? I think a little foreplay goes a long way, Jason. You’re not very thoughtful with your provocative lyrics.
The breakdown section is nothing more than a bunch of awkward-worded noises. I would compare it to MC Hammer’s idea of a breakdown. Then rinse and repeat with already existing lyrics.

Then I move onto this video clip and now everything makes sense. Don’t you all see? He is reaching into his soul and pulling out cliched lyrics and generic music for the masses who clearly accept mediocrity as their preference in music.
Again, he starts the song off with his name. WHAT A GENIUS! I think every song I write has to start off with my name in it. It says, JR Rotem Presents…I think that was misspelt. Take the JR and replace it with an S.
He bangs on a door in the first 5 seconds of the video clip and I expected the lyrics to go something like, “FUCK, I locked myself out
no doubt
someone will let me in
this premise is wearing thin
when I call the locksmiths
I’ll get inside
And erase all the myths
Where the fuck are my keys?
I’m on my knees
Oh pretty please
Tell me their in my car somewhere
this isn’t fair”
He’s fucked up and now has seen the error of his ways. And he is singing this song just for you. Don’t you feel special? Out of the millions of people who have heard this song, this song applies to just you. No one else. Because you’re so special.