Instead of syphoning through loads of pages, I offer up links to things that matter.
Or things that don’t matter.
The important thing is I provide you links.
Or words formed into a structure that could be understood by most.
Or some. Or few. Or rather letters put together to form words which be interpreted by another.
Oh shit, did it just start raining?

Being in IT, I try my hardest to find the best possible software solutions so I don’t end up killing myself trying to support Windows.
I found BurstCopy which copies a file from one parition to another alot quicker than shitty ol’ Windows can. It now gets to a stage where you can only laugh at how free 3rd party software is replacing actual components in Windows because clearly MS can’t get their shit straight.
I dunno how legal this piece of software is but it scans for wireless networks and gives you real-time information about them. Doing drive-by’s now have a new meaning. Grab my laptop and let’s for a drive…
It says it has GPS support for logging and mapping signal strength. Ya know, in case you need know where to go for a few hours to tap unsecured networks. I bet in the movie, Independance Day with Will Smith playing the ever-believable person who will save us all, how they uploaded the virus is the aliens forgot to secure their wireless network.
I don’t know how relevant this would be if you knew how to properly search google, but there is a program you can download called Google Hacks
If you never make ZIP or RAR files but find yourself constantly downloading them and need a program, look no further - Universal Extractor!YAY!
I am pretty sure the last time I ever needed to zip or rar anything was back in 1999 to put it onto floppy disk. Most files these days usually come in their most compressed format, anyway. Or go out and spend $50 and buy a 500gb hard drive to stash your large files on instead of spending $50 for 100 blank DVDs. But somebody has got to be doing it or else I wouldn’t need this program at all.