I get regular emails from all my loyal reader and those who have subscribed to my RSS accidentally and forgot to (or don’t know how to) unsubscribe.
These emails usually say, “How do I get rid of this RSS thing? It keeps showing me some listy-things from some retards site who thinks he’s funny and informative. I could find any of the topics he talks about on his site with a simple Google search.”

So I have like a 100 links I wanna post without just putting them in one big list and you to pilfer through, I would offer some words in between. I’ll start with online storage. If you thought Torrents were gunna fuck copyright laws and whatnot, Online Storage sites are gunna fuck it even harder. Copyright laws by the end of this will have a gaping hole where its arsehole used to be. You can hear wind flapping the loose like-vagina-lips pieces of skin, it is gunna be fucked so hard. They will no longer be able to sit down without the aid of one of those inflatable arse rings Charlie had to sit on in Two and a Half Men.
Do any of these corporations realise it is now an epidemic of piracy out there? I love this so much not because of idea you’re stealing something from major companies but this is another story for the little guy. Companies whinge and complain that we’re taking precious dollars away from future movies and music. I don’t understand how major music labels would effect me and DIY bands I listen to but when Avatar made $42m in the first weekend of showing and then made a total $504.9 at the box office, it just shows you that maybe people are pirating this shit because that is exactly what it is - shit. People will download what is not really worth going to see. And there is tonnes of fucking shit. Instead of blaming pirates, these movie companies should be having a hard fucking look in the mirror, take a gun and make a movie out of that. Plus, it is not hurting them so much that they won’t throw another 100 shitty films down our throat before they come across another movie that might make a huge profit at the cinemas. Even with 37-42inch TVs becoming standard, people prefer to go out and watch movies, still.

Anyway, with all of these websites, a simple renaming of a file and you can get away with just about anything that isn’t a copy of Windows XP/Vista or 7 (seems like). Hotmail is boosting their attachments to 50MB which is just another method of sending and stashing large files. Then you have other popular sites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile, XDrive, ADrive, MS’ Skydrive and Wuala. The only difference is Torrenting is a free service most of these also offer a limited free service. And then if you pay a yearly fee (which when you break it down is hardly anything but people are not interested in paying an additional $80-$100 a year on top of their broadband), you can rape the shit out of these sites with the aid of a search function and a download manager. Best part? It ALL looks web traffic and not p2p traffic which is blocked by some ISPs or will eventually blocked by others.