I may be young in age, but my tastes in music suggests otherwise. I’d like to think it was a wise soul in young body but then I may be thought to be conceded. Anyway, there was a whole tonne of artists back in the 70s that was on this show - Burt Sugarman’s Midnight Special. I have hand-picked my favourite songs from the bunch. I already did, “Rubberband Man” by the Spinners which would have made it here again but, I try and keep the content fresh.

Fuck this song is so good. And what is better than the 4 minute studio cut? A 10 minute rendition. If bands and artists these days were even half as good as this group was, maybe I’d pay more attention than just sitting through endless shitty artists who all produce a #1 hit, live off that for 15 or so minutes and then never hear from them again. This is equally as impressive as Focus’, “Hocus Pocus” which I posted on here sometime ago and the Spinners’, “Rubberband Man”.

America probably had more hits but the only three major songs I knew from them were, “Horse with No Name” (everybody knows that song), “Sister Golden Hair” and “You Can Do Magic”. This is not their best song but it is still an excellent song none-the-same.

This is both a good song and an ironic introduction to the band. Jose Feliciano says, “…I gotta a feeling about that we’re going to hear a few more Stories in the months to come…”
No, you won’t. This was their only hit. Shame, really. Unique vocals which is fantastic. You NEVER see unique vocals these days and if you do, they are usually painted over the top of some extremely disappointing generic poppy shit.

Everybody knows this song. Somewhat lacking rendition. Still a good song.

You’re welcome.