Fuck, I wish I was kidding. I really do.
I work in IT. Before you instantly dismiss everything else I have to say with no credibility, you have to know that fact for the rest of this story makes sense. I got a job that came through months ago saying, “I got some fax spam, how do we stop it?” So I called up the very lovely lady who logged the job and asked her if she kept it and if she did, to send it through.
Firstly, it can not be stopped. I didn’t even know that such a thing existed. I get spam in my email all the time for some dodgy blue pills they will give me a boner forever and promise I will grow a foot taller or promise that I will grow wings and a second penis to pleasure multiple women at once or whatever and there are pieces of software which stop that (and I have my theories on the whole system which I previously wrote about) but nothing for the fax that I was aware.
So, I did little research on the googles and came across
The Australian Communications and Media Authority website
which discusses the regulation of spam in Australia. In a nutshell (or an empty testicle), unless the phone number is hidden/a private number it can be communicated. You can lodge a complaint with them if you continually receive spam of this nature, but you know where they put your complaint apart from sticking it up your arse?
That’s right, in the shredder.