I have a general dislike for Facebook. I wouldn’t use the word hate because Facebook hasn’t done anything to me directly to make me angry at it. Instead, I just don’t really give a shit that it ever exists and that it is the most accessed site in America (although, I would have thought Google beats Facebook but 3 of a kind MUST beat a flush, then). It is well known that Facebook collects information about its users and sells the information onwards to companies who want to know what your favourite chocolate bar is and then sell it to you in a link that you click on and order to your door 30 boxes of Mars bars pre-billed to your credit card details.

So, in tune with my attiutude, Facebook developers have now created a I don’t care extension for Chrome which is fucking great for those who really feel the need to show complete disinterest in anything anyone has to say. If I ever needed a reason to start Facebook, I have just found it.