Really reminds me of the Lunachicks for some reason. They have this trashy feel to them but don’t get me wrong - this is not a negative. Especially in the world of punk. I seem to have the same problem with Blowhard’s EP as I do with this EP. The first three songs are fucking great but the last half is filler. I really do love the first song. I give this EP 2 stars after hearing this song and then an additional one star for the rest of it. The second song (”Boarderline”) does remind me a fair bit of the first song without it somehow it being as good but is still a good song on its own. “Dirty Sheets” is ok but the only part of it I really do like is the chorus. When the chorus is over, I am hanging out for the song to get back to the chorus.
The last 3 songs are all either mediocre or not as great as the first half and really suffer because of it. I would have preferred another 3 songs which were blatant rip offs of the first song (which track 2 seems to be, anyway). If this is their first EP, I’d hope to hell they have stronger material than this later down the line but having said that, it is a great introduction to the band that shows the band has the potential to go places or suffer where it lies depending on which half of the EP they decide to go with.