I had another memorable dream last night.
It starts out looking like Block 1 from high school but it looks like it is located in block 4 at school. And I am unsure that it is definately the school I went to when I was younger but it is definately high school. And we’re baking a cake. I didn’t start the cake but someone bodged it up and I jumped in to fix cooking the cake. And it looks like we’re baking this cake in a classroom I have never seen before but, outside was very familiar. I watched it bake in an oven which was inbedded to a wall where a classroom should be and the cake was moving. It looked like it was in a round cake tin and cut into a squares and it was moving up and down and anti-clockwise. I can’t make out who is teaching us how to cook but where we are cooking looks like a money register (where you would buy something from) and we walk down and around the register to cook. I couldn’t make out whether there were other people who were around.
But then it cuts quickly (like a quick fade out/fade in) and I am on the phone looking out a door. It looks like the exact same place except the registers are gone and tables are in its place and I am on the phone. To either the police or security telling them that they have just stolen it. What exactly? I am not sure. They ran out of the door moments before and I can’t see them. The door I am looking out of is a door 90° from the door to the classroom I was just in. My cake is still baking. Whoever is there showing us how to cook this cake tells me there is a good chance mine stuffed. Then I woke up.
What does it all mean?