A Serious Man - 67%
I can see how people would not like this film. It has the typical ending to a Coen Bros film where it ends just as a whole bunch of things are going to happen and we’re not quite sure the outcome. They pulled this shit with Burn After Reading but with Burn After Reading, it was quite clear that if they took it as far as they could for it to be interesting and left it at an interesting point. With both films, you had strong characters which is always contributes to the direction of the story. Essentially it was a week into the life of a brilliant Mathematician who had bad shit continually happen to him. There is both a tragedy and a comedic aspect to this film. The biggest part of this film is the theme of Judaism. And here in Australia, it is not as prevalent as it is in the States and there could have been some Jew-related jokes that went over my head and the theme didn’t relate to me nor appeal which could have led to a higher score. I was expecting our protagonist to fucking lose the plot Falling Down-style but the worst that came to it was him breaking down into crying at the attorney’s office.

Worlds Greatest Dad - 70%
Robin Williams is a failing writer, a loser and Dad of a son who was not only a douchebag but an outsider who dies by Auto-Erotic asphyxiation. He covers up his Sons death by writing a suicide note and make it look like Carl (his son) killed himself (which is sort of true) to cover up what really happened. The suicide note leaks to everyone at school and is printed in the paper and effects everyone. Needless to say the lie gets out of hand and Robin Williams tries his best to cover it up.
Robin Williams is not a stranger to dark comedies (see Death to Smoochy) but this is better than that film. The comedy is not always prevalent but it is a good story with good characters. The ending isn’t the resolution I wanted but you can’t have everything. Still a good film.

The Informant - 55%
Matt Damon plays his character well. Comedy? Not really, no. I was more frustrated than laughing. It had a retro 70s look to it but was based in the early 90s. Was that supposed to be part of the joke? What made this movie get 55% instead of something more abysmal is the fact that it kept me guessing which is good - is what he said truthful? But eventually, you find out that very rarely is he EVER telling the truth which leads me to the frustrating part. Why does he tell these lies? It’s never really quite answered. They say he has bi-polar but it is done in such a way that we believe the character believes he has bi-polar to assist in the piles of lies he adds to.