One Hour Photo - 23%
At the time this film came out, it was a bit of a shock that Robin Williams would play not only a serious role (as it has been proven he is capable as serious actor) but also an unlikeable character. He plays like the sort of creepy weirdo who develops photos and then lives his life through a family who become scared of him and you just never know to which extent he would go. As a creepy villain, he does alright. I just didn’t feel the premise to be worthy of anything interesting. He inevitably loses it and blah blah blah. That is my ultimate feeling on this movie - blah blah blah. Williams’ character gets 22 out of the 23% I give the movie.

The Simpsons Movie - 15%
Imagine a new episode of the Simpsons. Now stretch it out to an hour and a half and it was probably not as good. The best part of the movie was at the very start before the movie started where Ralph Wiggum does the Fox Movie intro sound/music. It just goes down hill from there. RT will tell you it was great representation of the American family. But ultimately there is nothing new that kept me interested. There were (few) parts of it that had the classic insightfulness that early Simpsons was capable of before it became just a retread of old jokes but that is all it was. And for me, that is not enough. We all saw Spiderpig about a million times before we saw the movie and that was perhaps the second funniest thing this movie had to offer by which time when we saw the film had lost all appeal.

Revenge of the Nerds - 73%
Classic film from the 80s. It was a trend setter. You had real nerds who had very little going for them and then to see them rise above all the shit was executed really well. The characters were great and a smart, fun film. I think of this more as a fun film with some good characters than a well-executed intelligent film about teenagers.

Number 23 - 11%
Carey is capable of playing a serious role. Regardless on that fact, the story is self-mocking and it was supposed to be a scary movie. But I almost got more unintentional laughs out of this movie than all 4 Scary Movie films. Not to mention EXTREMELY boring. If they’re not going to put more effort into this movie, than I am not going to put more effort into reviewing it.

A Mighty Wind - 91%
This is Spinal Tap does folk music with the same wit you expect from the same trio - Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest (Director) and Michael McKean (who are all equally fucking marellous). Some of the jokes are a little more obvious and forced but all in told, a great fucking film. There are a handful of characters you get to meet and there is not so many that you are confused but you get just enough air time with all of them to know you are dealing with a group of nutbags who all have an important function to the movie. Apart from the 3 main characters (Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest and Michael McKean), Jane Lynch is also exceptional in this film as a woman with very strange circumstances on how she came to be in the folk scene. Eugene Levy plays a once heart-broken folk muscian (naturally) who was apart of a duo that broke up and caused him to be in a mental hospital and he plays his chracter rather well also. The whole point to all of this (which you find out in the first two minutes of the movie) is a one-off reunion show for the late Irving Steinbloom who kept the folk scene alive back in the 50/60s organised by his son who is also a well-intentioned nutbag.