Well all have ups and downs with our work. In the scheme of things, I have very little to complain about. But something funny did happen. This site was blocked on our work’s network. When a site is banned, they don’t have a reason but a category for it to fit into as to why it was banned.
They categorised this site as Pornography.

I shit you not.

And that is why it was banned. However, the ban seems to be lifted which is good. Maybe someone read this site after the ban was put in place.

Oh, and something awesome I found out too, if you google “2 Inches of fury” (exactly like that without the “”), my site comes up first!!! Out of 158,000 possible pages with one of those words, mine is first motherfuckers and it is all because of you. All I do is regularly update this site. I submitted it to google for a laugh last year sometime. Thinking that if they were looking for something to read and they googled me or a part of my site name, they would find me - th 5,000,000th result out of 5,000,000. But the joke is on me.
Well ok, it has changed since last night. I am second. Close enough though, right?
Still pretty exciting for a blog.