I had a stroke of genius. Or maybe just a stroke. Or maybe just a vinegar stroke, I dunno.
But QPunx mag have asked me to write for them which is pretty good. So, what I’d do is write the review here and they can collect it when I am done/post it here. It works because the Qpunx readers don’t have to go to my site - just the editors who want my reviews (which I grant consent of using). Which forces them to come to my site more frequently. The thing is everyone who knows this site will find out about the mag I now write for us well; two prong attack.

This might be a slightly bias review as I know the guys in the band. Having said that, I can be as brutally honest as I want without hurting some feelings. Or perhaps I might lose friends if I don’t give this the gleeming review they want. As this is my first review, to give you some insight. I have this ideal of what punk is supposed to be. So when someone says the genre “Pop-punk” to me, that means bands like the Ramones. What Pop-punk ISN’T is Thursday, Plain White T’s, Blink 182 (post Buddha/Cheshire Cat), My Chemical Romance, etc.
So when you tell you that this EP is some of the best punk I’ve heard in awhile, you know I am not talking about generic pop shit but rather, a bunch of guys that grew up with the punk that we all know as punk (Nofx, Bad Religion, Frenzal Rhomb, etc) and not this weak, more-watered down-than-coke-from-McDonalds shit that these kiddies think they’re so hardcore listening to which is sad. This is not to say these bands are shit (although opinions might differ) but they are by NO means punk.
I have seen these guys record most of the songs in demo format and to watch is amazing. What you don’t hear when you listen to the EP is the 100 takes they did of one song because Dave (the drummer) didn’t like second last fill and wants to record it again. They lay down the drums first and does it without any assistance from the guitarist of bassist. How many bands do know that can pull that shit off? It would be a few except what I have neglected to mention is the complex configuration of each song is not just your standard double-kick punk beat at a million miles an hour. Which seems to be in itself a rare find in any band as the drummer usually does not have either the talent or the stamina to keep it up and those that have actual songwriting abilities.
The first track off the EP is, “Cali Aus” which I believe is actually the weakest song off the EP. So if you thought that was a pretty good song, just wait until it kicks in with the next track - “She’s Dead”. You fill fuckin blow a litre of jizz. So my suggestion is when you listen to the album, please have a box of tissues on standby - just in case.
Got ADHD? Yes? Great, this album is for YOU. The next two tracks “Pride of your country” and “Life and lies of a businessman” have frequent rapid changes in it to keep you interested. Now all they need are some drinking songs which every yob in the pub can scream their loudest until their throat becomes all hoarse and dry which no soothing ale can replenish.
The final track on the EP they have is “Unity” which they have been playing for years. The first time I heard this song, it sent a shiver down my spine and I peed a little. Each repeat listen is always enjoyable and a nice way to finish the EP.

Go and see these guys live and buy them a beer. They’re a group of really cool guys and they have a tonne more songs in their arsenal as well as a recent addition - Josh their new guitarist. During a gig (if you can), just stand behind Dave and watch him play drums - it’s an amazing sight to see. The gutarist and bassist? Yeah, they’re ok too.